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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Saabs and Saturns

My silver Saturn SC1 is no longer parked in our narrow driveway. Today, we traded it in for a new (used) 2003 Saab 9.3! I am in shock that we finally turned our talks about a new car into actuality.
Thus ends of the era of our being a solely Saturn family. Chris is still driving his cute, little red Saturn. We put the title of the Saab in both our names so now (as Chris informs me) the cars each belong to each of us equally.

Last weekend, a friend from the military, Ryan McGahan, drove up from New York to visit us. We did some sightseeing (Freedom Trail, North End, Harvard, etc.). Labor Day was beautiful here, sunny and calm, but the days previous were cool and rainy.

This weekend, we have National Guard – weapons qualification and a CPR class. This will be the first time we meet everyone in our unit. We will be drilling at Hanscom Air Force Base, mostly performing physicals and keeping our EMT classifications current. Chris and I have actually been grocery shopping at Hanscom Air Force Base because prices are so much cheaper.

Other news: My cousin Matt is moving to Boston! We are meeting up with him tonight downtown. I am excited to see a familiar face. Speaking of which, we will be back in Minnesota the weekend of September 23 for Allison’s wedding – just a little over two weeks!


Anonymous Ron McRoberts said...

Just to let you know that I will not be coming to Massachusetts in conjunction with my trip to Washington, DC, next week. Maybe in conjunction with my next trip in late October or November.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous hoosierdaddy said...

I like the car. Black is a nice color if you have time to keep it washed and clean. Does Greta like the car? I thank God that you both are in MA now, not being trained for Iraq duty. Get through your obligations and get out. Our military has become the necessary police stick of the world, no longer just protecting national interests and citizens at home. Glad that you had the experience, but more glad to have you here, alive, and growing careers instead of growing weary outside of Baghdad.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Erin Virginia Leckrone said...

Greta hasn't been in the car yet - we're a little nervous about the leather seats because she's so hyper. We're happy to be here in MA instead of Iraq also.
We're looking forward to seeing both sets of parents next weekend! Greta will have her first kennel experience.

4:38 PM  

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