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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quick Weekend

This weekend, Chris and I drove to Hanscom Air Force Base to perform our monthly ritual known as National Guard. We are part of a headquarters unit that is tasked with performing physicals on Massachusetts soldiers. I gave hearing tests and Chris hooked up leads for EKG's.
My friend Katrina also visited us this weekend. Katrina and I roomed together our freshman and junior years of college. She had a two day span to book her flights, and I didn't have our drill scheduled yet, so she took a gamble... and lost. We were still able to spend time together in the evening. Katrina toured Boston and Harvard during the day. We met her downtown and had bubble tea in Chinatown (tea with pistaccio balls) and walked around Back Bay.

Greta had fun harassing Katrina, maybe because she's about Greta's size... Sunday, we ate at the Bombay Club in Harvard Square (just a couple miles from our house) and drove along the Charles River, with a quick stop at MIT.

Katrina carefully planned her return flight for 6:15 Monday morning. I dropped her at Logan Airport a little after 5:00 and drove to work. That's our weekend.


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I like the part about Greta

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