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Friday, February 02, 2007

Law School Acceptance

Chris received his first acceptance letter to law school! Western New England School of Law is located in Springfield, 80 miles from Boston. If Chris decides to attend this school, we'll probably need to move somewhere between the two cities, maybe around Marlborough, where I work at Boston Scientific. Chris has yet to hear back from the other two downtown Boston schools to which he applied - those schools don't accept/reject applicants until mid-March.

On another topic, Chris and I were not involved in the traffic snarls resulting from the Turner Broadcasting advertising for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think the two guys who set-up the blinking devices (that were mistaken for bombs) around the city are being fingered as the scapegoats for the larger scandel, since Turner Broadcasing hired an advertising agency that subsequently hired the two guys. Disagree with me if you like. Chris thinks it was a stupid, juvenile prank, and I do, too. However, I think the blame should rest squarely on the initiators.


Anonymous Hoosierdaddy said...

I am proud of Chris for getting his first acceptance letter. No doubt more will follow.

This "Jackass-level" stunt pulled off by Turner Broadcasting has all the wisdom of some guy pointing an "authentic-looking" Beretta squirtgun at a group of cops at a public event. Real funny. I think the two guys and their employers clearly chose to do this stupid act without notifying authorities or gaining any form of permission, thinking that the ensuing stink would give them massive, cheap publicity. It worked. Now, Boston and the Homeland Security should turn around and prosecute them to the hilt, sue for damages as necessary to set a stiff example to other wannabe "Beavis and Butthead" big thinkers. After 9/11, these kind of pranks are funny only to the mentally impaired and if not severely discouraged, could provide scenarios of disguise for the real terrorists.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Erin Virginia Leckrone said...

I agree with you that everyone involved in the publicity stunt displayed a remarkable lack of judgment - I can't believe that this possibility failed to enter the minds of a single person involved.
Hopefully, the punishment for these acts will be as public as the stunt itself.

4:14 PM  

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