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Friday, March 16, 2007

New York and Other Adventures

Sean and Bonny flew back to Minnesota this morning. Chris and I are both sad, and Greta is moping sullenly at the door. We hit most of the New York tourist spots Sunday and Monday, and Sean and Bonny toured Boston for the rest of their visit.

Times Square

Hot dogs - we all had a FEW Statue of Liberty

New York Stock Exchange Merrill Lynch Bull

Guess this one's obvious...

Last night, we celebrated Sean and Bonny's last day by driving to the North End (Italian area) for dinner with my cousin Matt. After that we went bowling. Matt emerged the triumphant winner. Don't ask me to share my score... Right now, we're weathering a snowstorm. Both Chris and I were told to leave work early today (snicker, snicker) since we're supposed to get maybe six inches. We got home about 2:00 and drove around a couple neighboring towns, scoping out potential houses. Chris and I are hoping to buy a house this spring.


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