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Sunday, August 12, 2007

August Weekend

Today closes out a beautiful, sunny weekend here in Boston. We lazed around the house Friday evening and shopped in the suburbs Saturday. Today we drove downtown to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Isabella Stewart Gardner was an eccentric woman who had a mansion/museum built in 1903 to exhibit her incredible art collections, such as Botticelli's Madonna and Child. One story I've heard about her is that she persuaded the Boston Zoo to lend her two lion cubs for a couple days and proceeded to parade the pair up and down Commonwealth Avenue. She also stipulated that after her death all her artwork must remain in her original arrangements. Here's another fact: Anyone named "Isabella" gains free entrance to the museum. Below is a picture of the glass-domed courtyard.

Chris has been occupied the last couple days with his latest hobby: smoking salmon. He bought three pounds of salmon, soaked it in a salt concoctions for 36 hours, let it dry in the refrigerator and then smoked the fish in the smoker that he purchased on craigslist. He just put everything away, and unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. I think it tastes great, but Chris thinks it's a little too salty and is already scheming for his next batch.


Anonymous Sarah J. said...

I always look forward to reading what you two do over your weekends. Sounds like you had a good time in Providence.

8:03 PM  

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