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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Long Weekend

Chris flew to Kansas City last Wednesday for his friend Ryan Paulus' wedding. Both Chris and I are friends with Ryan - we all suffered through medic training together in San Antonio five years ago, and Ryan actually attended our wedding. Chris was able to spend a few days with Ryan and two of our other friends from military training, one who we haven't seen for two years. It worked out better for me to stay home. Even though Chris' four days away allowed me to watch some movies, clean, read and lavish Greta with attention, I am very thankful to have him back. Every room in the house felt hollow. I picked Chris up at the airport yesterday at noon and we ate a late lunch on the patio of an Italian restaurant. After that, we saw the new Bourne movie, which was great. Today, it's back to work.

Here's a picture of Ryan McGahan, Eric Molina, Ryan Paulus and Chris.


Blogger Benjamin said...

Ahh, you kids are so darling. I remember the first time Jenny and I were apart for 10 days or so. We haven't been apart much aside from that, actually, but it's really quite dis-orienting still.
I'm looking forward to the Bourne Ultimatum myself

1:53 AM  

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