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Friday, October 26, 2007

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. -- Edgar Allan Poe

So maybe Poe actually encountered a little insanity, but I think I'm heading that direction as well. Work and school continue to escalate for me, and I know Chris will encounter the same scenario next week when he begins his new job.

Many people have asked me about the imminent layoffs at Boston Scientific, so here's brief update. As far as I know, I will not be involved in the "head-count reduction," but I would guess that many of the over 2,000 employees marked for layoffs possess similar inklings. We'll find out in a couple week who will stay and who will go. So, who knows? Boston Scientific is giving very generous severance packages - I would end up getting paid my full salary for several months. Maybe with all that time on my hands, I would diligently complete my homework well in advance of due dates. I have two papers due Wednesday that I've barely touched. But then again, maybe all that time off would drive me insane, maybe drive me to write a little poetry...


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