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Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Friday, January 26, 2007

Spring Semester

As you can probably tell from my sparse posts, I have started spring semester classes. Since I'm taking two classes this semester, I'm technically enrolled full time (translate into more money from the military). I'm taking a poetry workshop and a class called Teaching Freshman Writing - basically this class will teach ME how to teach undergraduate writing courses. It's heavy reading and a lot of homework, but I'm enjoying the challenge. Life is busy right now, but it's good to climb over this hill sooner rather than later. Chris is settling into his job and taking on more responsibility. I anticipate my workload increasing as well since I'll be supporting another clinical study soon. So that's life for us right now...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lobster Dinner

The last couple weeks were a welcome break from the frantic pace of Christmas. Chris and I dismantled the tree and wrapped the decorations in tissue paper - I don't know if we'll be in this house next Christmas.

Over the weekend, a couple friends from upstate New York drove through the biting cold to visit us. We raced around the Boston tourist loop and swung by the wharf to buy fresh seafood. This was our first experience cooking lobster, and we bought them alive to boil on the stove. I admit, I didn't want to watch the lobsters wriggle in the hot water or hear air whistle out of their shells, almost like a muted shriek from a teapot. But in the end, we ate a feast of lobster, shrimp and mussels.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas 2006

Chris and I are back in Boston after a great trip to see our families in Minnesota and Indiana. We arrived in Minnesota on December 23rd and flew to Indiana on December 28. We didn't get to see everyone we wanted but are grateful for the number we were able to visit.
Some interesting tidbits:

  • On our flight to Minneapolis, our pilot played a harmonica and sang in a Sounthern twang as he asked all passengers to buckle their seat belts.
  • On Christmas Day, Jamie told Varsana and Malia that Santa Claus wasn't real after the girls wanted to know why their daddy didn't get them any Christmas presents.
  • My brother Sean, who is a third year medical student, delivered five babies on his latest rotation. He said none of the mothers named her baby "Sean." Too bad.
  • Chris' sister Katie played her new electric violin for us.

McRoberts' Christmas

Leckrone Christmas

In the last picture, Rhonda (Chris' mom) is holding his grandmother's new dog, Sadie.