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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mud Run

Chris and Greta went for a run along the St. Charles River today. She is definitely getting a bath.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Greta's Coat of Many Colors

This morning, Greta received a package in the mail - lucky dog. Chris' grandmother Bobbi sent Greta a brand new coat (I suspect Bobbi made it herself). Greta usually won't tolerate jackets or costumes, but she seems to like this one!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Puerto Rico

Chris and I had a great four days in Puerto Rico. We flew out Thursday afternoon, barely missing Wednesday's snowstorm delays in Boston. We stayed in Condado, just east of Old San Juan (on the Atlantic side of the island). For the most part, we swam off the beaches near Condado and San Juan. We didn't take many pictures on the beaches, but here's a close-up of Chris squinting into the sun.

Chris rented a surf board for a couple hours on Saturday. The good waves were concentrated a lengthy swim from shore, past the rocky outcroppings below.

Chris and I spent a lot of time walking the narrow streets of Old San Juan. The roads are composed primarily of blue bricks, really striking, and the city is crammed with little shops and restaurants.

At the peak of the city, overlooking the ocean is El Morro, originally a Spanish citadel guarding the entrance to San Juan Bay. After the U.S. took control in the late 1800's, El Morro became a U.S. post, and military officers played golf on the green space in front of the fort (see below).

Chris and I walked right into the fort past the reception desk, but nobody was collecting money so we figured somehow entrance was free and climbed to the top of the fort. As we exited later, a man was collecting eight dollars per person. Oops.

We reserved a scooter Sunday to drive to the rainforest. The rental company processed our paperwork, and a couple employees walked us to a parking garage and pulled out a fairly new scooter. As the guy gave us an overview of the features, he turned the key several times while also revving the handlebar. All of a sudden, the scooter started up and took off out of the guy's hands straight into a red BMW convertible. Chris and I couldn't stop laughing hysterically - the BMW didn't look damaged, but the scooter sustained heavy damage to the breaks, handles, shield and paint. We ended up getting a car because the other two scooters were out-of-commission as well. Apparently, the same guy had broken off a key in another scooter.

Anyway, we drove to the rainforest and hiked to a clear waterfall. Below are pictures at the waterfall and from the top.

We also stopped at an observatory that gave us a great panorama of the rainforest, past San Juan to the ocean.

All in all, Chris and I really enjoyed Puerto Rico. The hotel we reserved was supposedly three stars but I don't think it was much past one star. The room was so humid that we would take showers in the morning and return in the evenings to still sopping wet floors. The hotel was in a nice area as well, but we ended up in a room with a bullet hole in the window. Guess that says something.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Law School, Part 2

Chris received another law school acceptance letter! This letter arrived from New England School of Law (not to be confused with Western New England School of Law). We're both really excited because not only is this one of Chris' top choices, but it's also located downtown Boston, just a couple blocks from Emerson College (my school). We can now begin exploring housing options for next year if we cannot renew our current lease in Belmont.

Chris and I had National Guard again this past weekend. Our unit, as most of you know, is a medical command unit that does physicals and immunizations and medically prepares soldiers for deployments. My section sergeant assigned me to the lab, and I probably drew blood from 50 soldiers. Chris usually gets stuck doing ECG's (measures heart rhythms) since he's one of the few people who is proficient in that area, but he also drew some blood as well. One guy passed out in his chair just as Chris pulled out the needle - I think Chris gave him a sternum rub, which really hurts. No sympathy...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baby Charlebois

For those of you who know my good friend Audra, check out her blog. Yesterday afternoon Audra and her husband JP welcomed a baby girl named Israel.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Law School Acceptance

Chris received his first acceptance letter to law school! Western New England School of Law is located in Springfield, 80 miles from Boston. If Chris decides to attend this school, we'll probably need to move somewhere between the two cities, maybe around Marlborough, where I work at Boston Scientific. Chris has yet to hear back from the other two downtown Boston schools to which he applied - those schools don't accept/reject applicants until mid-March.

On another topic, Chris and I were not involved in the traffic snarls resulting from the Turner Broadcasting advertising for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think the two guys who set-up the blinking devices (that were mistaken for bombs) around the city are being fingered as the scapegoats for the larger scandel, since Turner Broadcasing hired an advertising agency that subsequently hired the two guys. Disagree with me if you like. Chris thinks it was a stupid, juvenile prank, and I do, too. However, I think the blame should rest squarely on the initiators.