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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Romantic, Enchanted?

As a child, I remember watching a movie based on the true story of Sonora Webster, who dove horses in Atlantic City in the late 1800's. The diving girls would ride horses up a ramp (as high as 60 feet) and leap into a pool of water below. In the movie, Sonora runs away from home and mucks out horse stalls in order to be considered for the diving position. She carries with her a ragged magazine page idealizing Atlantic City and sings a simple lyric, "Romantic, enchanted, Atlantic City - where all your dreams come true."

Let me tell you this: Modern day Atlantic City is no city of dreams. Perhaps my ill opinion can be blamed on the cold, winter climate, since the amusement rides were shut down. Maybe it has to do with the fact that along the weathered boardwalk, bums congregate and beg for cash - one had his hat out while he swigged down a liter of Vodka. Even the casinos felt run-down and outdated with smudged mirrors and worn carpet. Neither Chris nor I gamble, except for a random hand of black-jack, so it was more a matter of touring the sites.

We didn't stay long. Chris and I, along with Chris' friend Tony, spent a few hours there before heading to New York City. Last time Tony visited, we also drove to New York City, so since we had already seen most of the tourist attractions, we ate lunch in Little Italy, did a bit of shopping along Canal Street in Chinatown and spent a couple hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We stayed in Boston on Monday.

I didn't take many pictures but below is a shot along the boardwalk in Atlantic City. The second picture shows the view (albeit a bit blocked) from the top of the Prudential Tower in Boston.


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I love that movie!!! :)


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