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Monday, August 04, 2008

Four Years & Quebec City

Chris and I hit our four year wedding anniversary on August 1! To celebrate, we drove up through New Hampshire and Vermont to Quebec City, Canada. The city itself feels very European and most of the population speaks French. We visited the Notre-Dame de Qu├ębec Cathedral, wandered through upper and lower town, through shops where furs and pelts drape out of windows and where you can stop for fresh maple candy. The city is beautiful, set along the St. Lawrence - we especially liked the stainless steel roofs on many building (see one of the last pictures). Chris and I also drove just outside the city limits to Montmorency Falls, discovered in the 1600's by Samuel de Champlain.

On our way back to Boston, we drove down through Maine, along the Kennebec River, which winds through green mountains. It was incredible. You can raft, kayak and fish all along the river. We even watched some boys leap off a bridge - before each of the boys jumped into the water, he tied a rope to the bridge and then around his ankle to avoid being swept downstream in the current.


Blogger David and Bethany said...

Where does the time go? 4 years!!! Congraulations! By the way, I love your green skirt in the pictures! :)

10:00 AM  
Blogger Bonny Karina McRoberts said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!!! Sorry I missed it on the day of! Sean never tells me these important things. :)

1:17 PM  

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