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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New England Weekend

My parents, brother Jamie and his two girls flew into Boston last Saturday. The stormy skies, wind and rain blowing in from the South cleared into a bright, cloudless Sunday, perfect for the clambake at my aunt and uncle's house in New Hampshire. My mom hails from a family of ten kids (from Minnesota), and five were present for the festivities, as well as my cousin Becky and her two daughters. Mike and Pauline's house tucks into a strip of sparsely cleared trees, with a good-sized garden in the back. My mom, uncle Jerry, Chris and I walked through the rows of plants and swiped ripe raspberries from the bushes, something I miss since moving to the city. For the meal, we ate lobster, corn on the cob, clams, coleslaw, crab cakes, seafood chowder and later, down at the fire, s'mores.

Gathered around the Lobster Pots
Fearless Grace
Jean, Judy and Mom (sisters)
Mike and Pauline

Chris and I took the day off work on Monday, and we drove up the coast to the old seaport of Gloucester. We ate at a little fish and chips shack and spent a couple hours on the pristine Good Harbor Beach. Chris took the girls, who had never swam in the ocean, into the frigid water--you can see Malia hanging off Chris' back as they crash through a wave. Varsana combed the beaches for shells and posed with seaweed in her hair. Her prize find was an intact crab shell. While Chris and I stretched out on the sand, we noticed a seagull hopping close, and it began poking its beak into our beach bags. Before we could shoo it away, it stole my mom's cough drops, and Chris and I had to chase it down and throw a shoe at it to get the bag back.
Greta and Malia say their last goodbyes.


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