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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pooja's Shower

Last Saturday I drove to Westborough for my friend Pooja's baby shower. Pooja, who is due in January, is originally from India, and her friends threw her a traditional shower. During the ceremony part of the shower, at least five married women are to sprinkle rice in the pregnant woman's lap, dab her forehead, and circle a candle in front of her face while she holds fruit and rice in her lap to symbolize fertility and abundance. I don't know all the terms for the ceremony portion (I know I'm messsing it up, Pooja), but I had a great time attending, meeting all her friends who were dressed so beautifully and eating awesome (spicy!) food. Pooja gave me a tunic to wear to the shower so I wouldn't feel out of place. I love it!

Pooja and her husband, Guarev
I wish I had an excuse to wear a sari


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Pretty good description Erin :-)

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