Erin Virginia

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finger Lakes, NY

For the holiday weekend, Chris and I packed Greta into the backseat and drove west across Massachusetts to New York's Finger Lakes. You can see the long, skinny lakes on the map below and get a good idea why they're called the finger lakes. We left Boston after work on Friday, drove to Syracuse and walked around the city just as the sky darkened. Passing through what appeared to be downtown's financial district, we stumbled across an outdoor concert/motorcycle jamboree--rows of glossy chrome bikes and crowds of leather contrasting with the austere stone buildings.The finger lakes are perhaps most famous for local wineries and vineyards dotting the shores, especially along Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. Saturday morning we wound our way along Lake Cayuga, stopping at a few wineries for samplings, and then spent a few hours in Ithaca which was humming with activity for Cornell University's graduation the following day.

Due to the graduation and the rocketing hotel prices, we stayed about 25 miles away in Auburn, where the Harriet Tubman home still stands. Sunday, Chris and I hauled Greta to the Robert H. Treman State Park and hiked along the Enfield Glen gorges to Lucifer Falls. The weather was perfect - Greta was even able to run through the shallow water in several places. That evening we drove leisurely through several small towns: Seneca Falls (site of the first Women's Rights conventions), Waterloo (birthplace of Memorial Day - the town initiated the holiday in 1866, years before it became a federal holiday) and Geneva.

Monday, we drove back to Boston, biked along the Charles River and went out to eat for my birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekday Visit

This week Allison and Rob flew to Boston for a few days. Rob had training for his job for the whole week, so Allison flew out Tuesday night. We went to Shabu Shabu Tuesday night to eat, kind of like Asian fondue - you choose your broth and meat choices and cook them, along with vegetables and seasonings, right at the table.

Wednesday, Chris and I took vacation days from work to spend time with Allison while Rob was at training. We drove around South Boston, to Castle Island, and then to Harvard Square in Cambridge. Back in December, Chris gave me a portable ping-pong kit that can be set up on any table, so we played that for a while until Rob got back. Greta kept trying to grab the ball, so she ended up sitting out most of the games.
Thursday, Allison did some shopping along Newbury Street while Chris and I worked. We went out to eat that night at Cuchi Cuchi, a 1920's style tapas restaurant (small, gourmet portions that the whole table shares). After that we went bowling at Jillians's down by Fenway. Allison is almost six months pregnant now and is due in August.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Law School

Chris has his last final tonight for his hardest class (Constitutional Law, I think). Please pray for him today.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

End of the Semester

I am officially finished with school for the semester! I turned in my final paper at class last night. Maybe I shouldn't be gloating, since Chris still has two tests to go, tonight and Monday night, but he's close, as well! I'll have the rest of May and all of June off from school but will be taking a second summer session class all of July.

My brother, Sean, graduated from the University of Minnesota medical school last weekend. Chris and I couldn't make it, but here are a couple pictures. (Bonny, I hope I'm not stealing any of your thunder by posting these).