Erin Virginia

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nothing to Do...

Just a quiet, relaxed weekend. Saturday, we went to a beach on the South Shore, just north of Plymouth and later saw the movie Get Smart, which neither Chris nor I thought was very smart. If you're considering paying $10 a ticket to see it in the theater, I would advise waiting for DVD.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Chris and I, along with our friends Alicia and Johnny, drove to Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday morning. We spent a couple hours stretched out on Second Beach, just outside downtown Newport, reading and absorbing the last bit of sunshine. We ate a wonderful meal downtown that night: clams, oysters and fish and then wandered along the streets and piers. We were planning to stroll along the Cliff Walk today and view the opulent mansions, but the rain only allowed us to drive along the inner lanes and gawk from the car. We did get a break to climb along a rocky outcropping in the broody, overcast day.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hot Weekend

It was the first really hot weekend of the year in Boston - into the 90's. Saturday, we drove to New Hampshire to hike Mount Monadnock, only to discover upon arriving that it was the only state park to ban dogs. Instead, we hiked a nearby mountain, Pack Monadnock.

Sunday, we went to church and biked 5 miles to and from Crystal Lake in Newton to swim and hang out on the shore. It's the first time we've been swimming in a lake since we moved to Massachusetts.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Last Thursday (May 29) Chris and I flew to Minnesota to help Sean and Bonny load up their moving truck and make the trek to Chicago. We spent most of Friday morning packing and cleaning their townhome, along with my brothers, Jamie and Michael, my mom and Bonny's mom. That evening everyone ate at Claddaugh in Maple Grove and afterwards watched the new Indiana Jones movie. I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan and all I'll say about it is hmmm... Here are some moving pictures and shots at the restaurant and movie.

Sean and Bonny are renting a two-bedroom flat in the Chicago neighborhood of Andersonville, originally a Swedish settlement. Sean and I are both a quarter Swedish (from my mom's side) and one morning we ate at Ann Sathers, an incredible Swedish restaurant just a few block away. The drive to Chicago went relatively quickly - Sean and Bonny drove the truck, Chris and Jamie drove Sean's car, and Katrina and I drove Bonny's car. While were in Chicago, we were able to drive through the Wrigley and Lincoln Park neighborhoods, along Lake Drive's shoreline and the blue, blue water. We also stopped by the Field Museum and walked the Magnificant Mile before heading to the airport on Monday.