Erin Virginia

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm driving downtown today to pick Chris up from work at 3:00. From there, we'll be driving through the night to his parents in Lafayette, Indiana. We've got music, audio books, snacks,'s still going to be a LONG drive, at least 14 hours. We're driving Chris' old car (the little, red Saturn) to give to Chris' sister, Katie, who turned 16 this year.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Best of Boston

Chris' new community sailing club membership not only offers all sorts of classes but also gives members access to sail boats, paddle boats, windersurfers and kayaks. Yesterday, on a beautiful afternoon, Chris and I paddled a two-person kayak along the Charles River in downtown Boston. Being on the water is an entirely different way to see the city and shoreline. On the sailing front, Chris is working to pass his helmsman test which will let him take non-club members out in the sailboats. Unfortunately, he won't have as much time for sailing since fall semester starts for him tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Atlanta & A New Hobby

Late Friday morning, I flew to Atlanta for a training seminar. My friend Pooja and I are planning to take our CCRA (Certified Clinical Research Associate) exam in March and signed up for this prep. course (paid for by our company - whew). We checked into our hotel in downtown Atlanta late Friday afternoon and decided to eat at the famous Emeril's Restaurant in Lenox Hill. Pooja brought her GPS for the rental car, and we drove around and around the restaurant location but couldn't find it. It turns out the restaurant had closed a couple months previous. We ended up eating at a great Southwestern Grill instead. The training on Saturday was better than I hoped, and we arrived back in Boston about 9:30, after sitting next to a VERY talkative 16-year old boy who re-hashed several Two and a Half Men episodes and every famous YouTube video.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Chris spontaneously decided to take sailing lessons in the Charles River Harbor. He's actually been wanting to sail since we moved to Boston and made the decision late Friday to initiate the lessons on Saturday. He purchased a one-year membership to the club and with that comes free sailing lessons and the ability to take out sail boats and kayaks whenever he wants. I think we'll go kayaking this week and sailing next weekend. The plan is for Chris to learn to sail and then to teach me.
I finished my summer class last week (yay!), and Chris starts his classes next week. That means this is our last summer week in which neither of us have school, so we're going to cram as much as possible into the time. It's also Restaurant Week in Boston, which means that many upscale restaurants offer three-course dinners for $30.

Friday, August 08, 2008


We have a new niece! Chris' sister Allison had a healthy baby girl on Thursday, August 7: Lilly Ella Taffe. Isn't she beautiful? Look at those big eyes! We're so happy for Allison and Rob.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Four Years & Quebec City

Chris and I hit our four year wedding anniversary on August 1! To celebrate, we drove up through New Hampshire and Vermont to Quebec City, Canada. The city itself feels very European and most of the population speaks French. We visited the Notre-Dame de Qu├ębec Cathedral, wandered through upper and lower town, through shops where furs and pelts drape out of windows and where you can stop for fresh maple candy. The city is beautiful, set along the St. Lawrence - we especially liked the stainless steel roofs on many building (see one of the last pictures). Chris and I also drove just outside the city limits to Montmorency Falls, discovered in the 1600's by Samuel de Champlain.

On our way back to Boston, we drove down through Maine, along the Kennebec River, which winds through green mountains. It was incredible. You can raft, kayak and fish all along the river. We even watched some boys leap off a bridge - before each of the boys jumped into the water, he tied a rope to the bridge and then around his ankle to avoid being swept downstream in the current.