Erin Virginia

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm

Friday morning, Chris and I woke to torrential downpour at our house. I work in Marlborough, about thirty miles west of where we live, and as I drove to work through the backroads, water was already flooding the streets and pouring over the blasted rock cliffs in small waterfalls. Far ahead in the distance, I could see that the treetops seemed frosted. By the time I reached Marlborough, I had fully arrived in the ice storm. It looked like a disaster zone. Tree branches and limbs scattered the streets and rested on roofs. Bulldozers were slowly clearing the debris, but all the stoplights remained black. At my work, a security guard stopped every car entering the campus because the power was out at work, so I ended up turning around and working from home. Here are a couple pictures I snapped from my car:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thesis Defense

I turned in my thesis today! My defense lasted for a little over an hour this afternoon, and afterwards I collected all necessary signatures and handed my thesis over to the school to be bound and filed with the Writing department. I started my MFA degree three years ago at Hamline University in St. Paul and transferred after a year to Emerson College. My school schedule since moving to Boston, for the most part, entailed my driving downtown two nights a week for classes that lasted from 6:00-9:45 pm. It feels so wonderful to have my weeknights back.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Today is Chris' birthday! We're planning to go out to dinner this coming weekend to celebrate because even though Chris doesn't have class tonight, he says he needs to study for a couple hours. He has three finals and a paper due within the next three weeks. So wish him a Happy Birthday if you can!