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Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day Weekend

The long weekend was wonderful. We celebrated Valentine's Day by meeting up with a couple friends at the Liberty Hotel early in the day for a glass of wine. After that, Chris and I rushed over to Troquet, a restaurant right off the Commons, for our dinner reservation. The rest of the weekend was relaxing. We went for a long run outside, made Massaman Curry for dinner one evening and finished up the first season of The Wire. I guess Chris did a little studying, too.

Here are a couple pictures from Saturday:


Anonymous Carly said...

Miss you both! Can't wait to see you this summer!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Katrina Custer said...

No way! I'm so excited you're coming? Any chance you'll be there a week early to come to the bachelorette party I'm trying to put together?

1:15 PM  

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