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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saab Story

We have had bad luck with our Saab lately. In January, the motor fan sputtered out, which meant that we drove the car for a few weeks without heat in the car (love those seat warmers and mittens). Finally, when I couldn't defog the windshield and it was becoming a safety issue, we got the fan replaced. Last Wednesday morning about twenty miles into my commute, I shifted the clutch into neutral at a stop light and then couldn't shift it out. The clutch had been sticky lately, and we had a mechanic look at it, but he just replaced some fluids to see if it would help. I ended up coasting into a nearby parking lot and having the car towed to a mechanic in Marlborough. End result: new clutch and sleigh cylinder. On top of that, when I took the car for emissions testing today, it failed. I guess that can happen if work has been recently been done on the car. I'll have to pay to have the emissions testing done again in about a week. This has GOT to be it, right?

The good news of late is that Chris' life has totally de-stressed now that he's not juggling work and school. His severance will last for a couple months, but he's already researching a few legal positions. We're able to spend more time together on the weekends, as well, now that he doesn't need to dedicate that free time to homework.


Blogger Bonny said...

That is really too bad!! We are in the process of looking for a car for me now. My lease is up at the end of April. It is always scary to do. You never know what problems are going to come up in the future. Hopefully you guys will be done with the issues now!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you need a good ol' reliable Saturn to get you to and from work. Ya-think?


8:45 AM  

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