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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Seven Days Away

What a week. Last Monday, I flew overnight to Galway, Ireland for work. I took a tour of the BSC plant on Tuesday and gave a short presentation on Wednesday. I had a bit of time to walk around downtown Galway and along the Corrib River and was lucky enough to avoid rain all three days.
Thursday, I flew through Chicago to Minneapolis. I spent most of Friday with my mom but had time to grab lunch with my high school friends, Audra and Joelle, and also to meet up with a couple friends from BSC in Maple Grove, Danielle and Sheridan.On Saturday, I watched my friend Amanda get married at Hope Community Church in downtown Minneapolis, which was the main reason I flew to Minnesota. It was fun to catch up with a lot of old college friends, many whom I haven't seen in years. Amanda and her husband are avid swing dancers, and a lot of their friends were tearing up the dance floor - I stayed on the sidelines with Lizzie and Katrina most of the night. I spent today with my parents, Jamie and the girls. Varasana is almost as tall as my mom now, and she's only ten years old!
It's been a fun week, but I'm excited to fly home tomorrow to see Chris. He waited until I was gone to give Greta a haircut, so I don't know how she's going to look when I get home.


Blogger Katrina Custer said...

LOVED seeing you! We didn't even get to talk about Galwaly!

8:54 PM  

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