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Monday, June 29, 2009

East Coast Living

Today, our good friends, Johnny and Alicia, packed up their Harvard Square apartment, loaded the U-Haul and set out for Chicago. It's a bittersweet move, knowing that they are in our old stompin' grounds, while we remain here on the East Coast. We have so many family members and friends along the Minnesota to Indiana route that it's hard to visit the Midwest for only a couple days.
In other happenings, on Saturday Chris and I were strolling through the cheese section of Whole Foods just as one of the cheese gurus was cracking open a huge wheel of Parmesano Reggiano. Apparently, the very inside shavings of the wheel are the sweetest pieces, kind of like oysters on chickens. We ate samples of the cheese with garlic bread knots and sweet red wine. Whole Foods has the best samples. Chris and I try to go for lunch at least every other week. We typically buy a piece of smoked fish (preferably sea bass) and eat it at their little cafe. Chris has done some smoking himself with a used smoker we found on craigslist but has only had time to smoke a few rounds of fish so far.


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