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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Long Weekend with My Parents

Last weekend, my parents flew in for a long weekend. I took Friday off work, and my parents and I wandered along the Commons and Beacon Hill and toured the JFK Presidential Library. It was the first trip to the library for all of us, and the mementos in the building were really interesting. Old pictures, letters, campaign materials, etc. Some of my favorite items were gifts from foreign leaders to Jackie Kennedy--lots of incredible jewelry.
Saturday, we drove through New Hampshire and along the coast of Maine. The wind off the water was cold and blustery, so we spent most of the afternoon in the car, looking at the big houses. We drove through Kennebunkport, past Former President Bush Sr.'s house. I didn't get a picture, but it sits on an outcropping of land, surrounded by water.
Sunday, we wandered around Lexington and Concord, stopping for orange-rind oatmeal cookies at Wilson Farms - probably the best cookies I've ever had. If you come visit us, remind us to stock some for you.
Chris and I had to work the following week, but my parents spent Monday driving the length of Cape Cod and then went the opposite direction to the Berkshires on Tuesday. It was a really fun visit, and I'm glad it will only be a few weeks until Christmas when we see them again.


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