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Saturday, December 05, 2009


These past couple weeks have been a blur. We celebrated a quiet Thanksgiving by making a mini-meal of Cornish game hens and some of the traditional sides. Chris has been holing up at the library every weekend to research and write his final papers and study for finals. He says that each year of law school gets a little bit easier, but I know it's still a massive amount of work. After this semester, he will only have a year-and-a-half left.
This past Monday after returning from the long Thanksgiving weekend, I had to scramble to schedule a last-minute trip to Germany. I flew out Wednesday evening (unfortunately on Chris' birthday but we celebrated the night before) and returned just this afternoon. This entire year my work team and I have been preparing to start a new clinical trial, and the first patient was treated on Friday in Dusseldorf! It was a huge milestone for all of us. I spent a couple hours on Friday afternoon and evening walking around the city. Germany is famous for its Christkindlmarkts, which are outdoor Christmas markets with lots of festive vendors (different kinds of wursts, pretzels, spiced wine, handcraft vendors, etc.). It seemed as though the whole city was celebrating on Friday night, with the streets bright with lights, ribbons and fir branches and people crowded around tables with hot drinks. I felt the first inkling of Christmas spirit for the year.

Dusseldorf University (I think)


Eating a Bratwurst for Chris


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love that last picture of you, erin! look at you eating meat!! :)

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