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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Peaceful Storm

It's like a dirty little secret. Co-workers pull you aside in the hallways. Friends surreptitiously check cell phones for updates. Hushed whispers carry around corners. Did you hear? I lean in a little closer. We're going to get a BIG snowstorm. Maybe it's the drama, but I love feeding the panic. Yes, yes, I say, making my eyes wide and raising my eyebrows. We should probably all work from home in our pajamas.

We did get a bit of a walloping, but the landscape is beautiful. The sky in infinitely hushed with fewer cars inching past with snow drifting backwards off roofs. Chris and I bundled up to shovel this morning, which I didn't even mind for this first storm - better today than on Wednesday when we'll be driving to Indiana. Earlier today when Chris suggested we spend some time tonight reading, I pinched him. Who is this guy who has time for fun reading? What about studying?

We are getting excited to drive westward. If I don't post again within the next few days, Merry Christmas!


Blogger Katrina Custer said...

Made me laugh. Have a safe trip, and Merry Christmas!!!

9:06 AM  

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