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Monday, January 04, 2010

Home Again

We put just over 3,000 miles on the Saab this Christmas. We set out early on December 23 and drove straight through to Lafayette, with only minor delays from snow off the Great Lakes in New York and icy rain in Indiana. We had a half day with Rob, Allison and Lilly before they flew back to MN on the 24th. During our four days in Indiana, we spent time with both sides of the family (Leckrone and Pettet) and just with each other. We took a snowy midwestern walk one day down by the banks of the Wildcat Creek, and we also took a drive through a snowstorm. Chris and I gave Katie nunchucks for Christmas. Nice, right?
Driving in an Indiana snowstorm
We drove to Minnesota on December 28 and opened gifts with my parents and Jamie and the girls. The next day was the McRoberts' gathering. Varsana and Malia stayed overnight at my parents' on the 29th, which was fun. Chris taught Malia how to play the opening sequence of Fur Elise on the piano while Varsana texted non-stop on her phone. We also saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie with my parents.
We rang in the New Year at Allison and Rob's house and then drove to Chicago to spend the night with Sean and Bonny. Chris and I broke up the drive back and spent one night in Cleveland. We hit snow and blustery winds most of the drive from Cleveland to Boston, which took us almost 12 hours to cover 650 miles. We fell asleep in front of the TV when we finally got home.


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