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Thursday, June 03, 2010


Wow - May is already gone. We celebrated the end of Chris' semester and my birthday by spending a night in Portland, ME; otherwise, we've been sticking close to home. Chris started his internship two weeks ago in the District Attorney's Office in Marlborough. The courthouse is only a couple miles from my work so we've been carpooling the 25 miles and saving some money. Chris has spent most of his days so far in court, supporting the Assistant District Attorneys or doing motions himself.

It's been a quiet, relaxing few weeks. We took Greta to the vet on Thursday for heartworm pills, and the vet aspirated lumps on Greta's back and stomach, which thankfully both turned out to be benign. Our landlord is having the house re-painted but didn't let us know beforehand. We work up one morning last week to the sound of two Irishmen scraping right by our bedroom windows. I think our landlord might try to put the unit above us for sale soon; hopefully, he'll have some landscaping done. Chris and I sort of keep up the backyard and one side of the house. We planted flowers and herbs a couple weeks ago, but a cat across the street has eaten both of our basil plants. Sometimes we look out the window and the cat is sitting on top of our cars then scampers off, leaving dusty pawprints up the hood and windshield. You can imagine this all goes over really well with Chris, who is no lover of cats.

Here are pictures of some flowers in our yard (the bushes were here before we moved in).


Blogger Bonny said...

What fun for Chris to be doing something related to his chosen profession!! He must be liking it! Too bad about the basil plants. That would have been fun to grow and eat your own fresh basil. You guys are more adventurous than us. The most we did this year was buy some ivy & a potted flower pot to put on the deck. I am in charge of keeping it all alive, so we will see how long it lasts...

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