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Friday, July 16, 2010

For Katie's Special Day(s)

Last week, Katie flew out to Boston for a long, fun weekend. Chris picked her up from the airport Thursday morning and took her downtown Boston for a while. On Friday, we drove to Gloucester to spend the day at Good Harbor Beach, one of our favorite beaches on the East Coast. I got a ridiculous sunburn on the back of my legs where I missed applying sunscreen; meanwhile, Katie and Chris turned golden brown.
Saturday morning, we left early for New York City and then spent the day walking the city. We hit the highlights: Times Square, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty (from afar), Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, Washington Square, etc. Chris grandmother, Bobbi, had sent along money with Katie for us to have a special dinner, so we ate at a wonderful, little Cuban restaurant in Greenwich Village. Afterwards, Katie took her first subway ride surrounded by some colorful characters (to say politely) and we jumped off near Broadway. Times Square at night is incredibly packed, lit up to simulate frenetic daylight. It becomes almost too much after long.

It was a great visit. I don't know when we'll see Katie again as she's off to Purdue University this fall.


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