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Monday, August 23, 2010

Minnesota in the Summer

Chris, Greta and I took our first summer trip back to Minnesota since the move to Boston. The original impetus for the trip for Chris to attend the bachelor party of his friend Mark who is getting married shortly, but we decided to turn the trip into a mini-Minnesota vacation. After work on Wednesday, August 11 (which was Chris' last day at the courthouse), we drove through to Erie, PA, stayed at a gross hotel and then finished the drive on Thursday. While Chris hung out with his friends at a lake in Wisconsin the first weekend, I stayed at my parent's house - the trees my brothers and I planted with my parents twenty plus years ago are now huge! On Saturday, we ate lunch with Jamie and walked around Como Zoo with the girl and Maia, Tara's daughter.
Sunday, Chris and I headed across town for Lilly's 2nd birthday party. Chris' parents and grandparents had driven up from Indiana and were staying with Rob and Allison, who is over 30 weeks pregnant with twin boys. We spent most of the following days in Eden Prairie with them, although we slept at my brother Jamie's house in St. Louis Park. Lilly is definitely more talkative now than when we last saw her over Christmas. On Monday evening, we drove to Princeton to see Audra and JP's new house and yard, which they have turned into an adventureland complete with four-wheelers, a bonfire pit and skeet shooting. I only shot off a couple rounds, but Chris and JP spent a solid hour with the firearms while Audra and I caught up by the fire.
We ate dinner on Tuesday with Jimmy and Joelle and had a chance to meet their fourteen month old daughter, Adelyn. Greta camped out in the car for a while (it was a very cool evening) because Jimmy is allergic to dogs. However, Delany wanted to be sure she could show Greta her own pet dog.
It was fun to spend to relax with family during the trip - We went out to eat a few times, hung out with Lilly, helped Chris' parents tidy up their townhome for a new tenant and played some croquet with Jamie and the girls at my parent's house. We stopped in Chicago on the drive home and spent the night with Sean and Bonny. Bonny is due in January and is definitely showing now. It will be fun to have another baby in the family.


Blogger Bonny said...

There are babies everywhere!!! I love that picture of Delaney & Greta in the back seat. Greta's expression is hilarious!

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