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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Christmas

After Chris and I made the decision to spend Christmas 2010 in Boston, we figured we'd spend the holidays alone, anticipating that the days would drift into each other as we slept in, ate Thai food on the couch and caught up on reading and TV series. It is not to be. My parents kicked off Christmas for us early by flying out for a long weekend. Being from Minnesota, they of course ushered in Boston's first snowstorm.

We had a chance to visit some new places and re-visit others. Saturday, we drove to Salem and visited the Peabody-Essex Museum, which has significant exhibits on maritime art. My mom and Chris are both fans of Mark Kurlansky books, one titled Cod, which heavily explores, you guessed it, cod fishing along the New England coast. After the museum, we drove along the ocean to Gloucester and stopped for a bowl of clam chowder. Over the weekend, we seriously indulged in seafood, including home-cooked cod and seafood chowder. After church Sunday, we ate noodle soup in Chinatown, walked along the Common and saw The King's Speech. My mom and I are Colin Firth fans, mostly attributed to his role as Mr. Darcy in the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice. We had a lazy day Monday, punctuated by a quick trip to Dorchester Heights to see the spot where Henry Knox set up his cannons during the Revolutionary War. The snow unfortunately interrupted our downward view of the city.
Walking along the Charles River
Dorchester Heights
Our living space is not very amenable to Christmas trees, so I only put up a vertical half of our tree. This is not to demonstrate a half-hearted Christmas spirit, as evidenced by the whole angel ontop.
We will be spending Christmas day with friends in Hudson, MA, and we will be ringing in the New Year at a friend's cabin in New Hampshire. Hopefully, we can still fit some Thai food in somewhere.


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