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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Move

We are back in Minnesota! I am very happy to have the long move behind us. Here's a quick picture of Cambridge from a spring walk Chris and I took along the Charles River a few weeks ago. I will miss those all of our walks and runs along the river.

Chris finished law school about a week before we needed to load the truck, so he was able to pack up a bulk of our belongings. In addition, Tony, Chris' friend from high school, flew out Tuesday, May 24 for a day or two of sightseeing prior to Friday's long day of packing the truck and the weekend roadtrip. Here's one last photo in front of Paul Revere's house.
On Friday, we broke midday for sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant and celebrated afterwards at our favorite Thai restaurant, but it was still a long day of loading. See below for a picture of the best spicy tuna roll in the country.
Tony discovered the unfortunate number of books we own. We hired piano movers for my huge upright piano (about 600-700 lbs and includes a cast iron sound board), and after much difficulty, they also jammed our sofa through the narrow doorway as well. Late afternoon when I was scrubbing all the spilled food out of the refrigerator, the leasing agent stopped by with the new renter to sign papers on the house. I have no idea why she decided to stop by the house when we were in the middle of the move with the dining table already packed, all of us filthy with sweat and dust and batting at the disgusting amount of dog fur floating in the air that seemed to materialize from every cranny in the house. The new renter, a very proper-looking Japanese man in a suit who bowed to us probably wanted to renege on his rental decision. Anyway, we got the house packed up and cleaned and sadly said goodbye to 26 Alma Avenue.
Saturday morning, Chris and Tony hitched the trailer to the 24 foot truck and strapped our small Nissan onto it. Over the next two days, 1,400 miles and happily only one stop at McDonalds, Chris drove the truck while Tony and I alternated following behind in the Saab or keeping Chris company in the truck cab. We stopped overnight in Toledo (which had a very strange vibe), but otherwise drove steadily. The weather was very good, except for a thunderstorm in Wisconsin, and there was little chance of speeding tickets since the truck had a governor that prevented speeds over 70 mph. Here was my onward view for much of the trip.
We parked the truck in my parents long driveway in Hugo from Sunday night until Friday morning. We closed on the house on Thursday afternoon and unloaded the truck on Friday. Moving in is definitely easier than moving out, especially since the piano movers stayed a while extra and unloaded all of our heavy items. We need to buy new furniture and paint a couple rooms, but we're mostly unpacked now.

We definitely love the new house and neighborhood. Our street dead-ends on Minnehaha Creek, which Greta, joyous, wild-eyed and eventually filthy, discovered on Memorial Day. In addition, we are within walking distance of the shops and restaurants at 50th and France (for better or worse). The neighbors seem great: 0ur next-door neighbor brought over a plate of brownies a couple days ago, and we were invited to a neighborhood party on Memorial Day (we unfortunately already had other plans).

Now that we've painted our purple kitchen, I'll post pictures of the house soon.


Blogger Bonny said...

So exciting!! But still that picture of the empty Alma Ave is kind of sad. What a relief to be moved in though. I can't wait to see pictures of your new house!

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So excited to have you back in MN. I didn't realize how close you are to us...we are also walking distance to 50th and France. We should definitely meet-up soon!


2:30 PM  

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