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Thursday, July 28, 2011

95th Birthday Party

Chris and I hosted my grandfather's 95th birthday party on July 17. We had a great turn out: my dad and all four of his siblings were able to attend, as well as quite a few of my cousins. The weather was hot and extremely humid - that morning all our windows fogged up due to the difference between the outside air versus our air-conditioned house. Everyone crammed inside, even though we didn't have enough seating. Poor Chris had the job of manning the grill, while my hardest task was cutting up the rock-hard Dairy Queen sheet cake. We moved to Boston right after my grandfather's 90th birthday party, and it was wonderful to be back again to celebrate with him five years later.

Time for cake
My grandfather and Carol
My grandfather and his children
Everyone together
After the party at our house, my brother invited a few people over to celebrate Varsana's 13th birthday, which was on the 16th. Lucky girl got a set of Beats headphones from her dad. I can't believe she's already a teenager.


Blogger Mickey said...

I think we are all FIVE of his CHILDREN rather than all FOUR of his SIBLINGS! Haha!

11:06 AM  

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