Erin Virginia

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

You've probably already heard, but Chris and I are moving back to Minnesota! We are about six weeks out - Chris needs to be in the Cities at the end of May to take a Bar prep. course in advance of taking the Bar in July. I will be keeping my same job after we move and will be working out of Boston Scientific's Arden Hills office (the old Guidant facility).

We have not found a house. Chris and I flew back a couple weeks ago to view properties and even put an offer down on a house in St. Paul, but we were out-bid. It's a tough process from afar - houses in the neighborhoods we're looking are selling within a week or so, before we even have a chance to book flights to view them. Chris sister, Allison, my brother, Jamie, and my parents have all been screening houses for us, which we continue to appreciate. Chris booked a flight to Minnesota next weekend, and if we can't find the right property after that trip, we may end up renting a furnished apartment for a couple months.

Good news out of our trip back a couple weeks ago was that we finally got to meet three new nieces and nephews! I can't find my camera cord to download pictures, but suffice to say that all three (Allison and Rob's twins, Evan and Isaac, and Sean and Bonny's baby girl, Cora) are adorable. We're excited that we'll have more opportunities to spend time with family after the move.