Erin Virginia

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Monday, October 31, 2011

Swearing In Ceremony

This past Friday, Chris was sworn into the Bar before the Minnesota Supreme Court. Now he can officially practice as an attorney in the state of Minnesota! About 500 some law graduate were sworn in at the River Center in St. Paul. Chris' parents flew in on Thursday to attend the ceremony at the RiverCenter, and his sister Allison, along with my mom, were also able to attend. Afterwards, we went to Moscow on the Hill for a great lunch.

Standing while his name is read

Taking the oath

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Chris Passes the Bar!

Chris passed the Bar! It's been a long three months since Chris took the Bar in July. Although I think he was fairly confident he passed, it's a ordeal to study for and retake the test, which is only offered twice a year. Everyone who takes the Bar is assigned a number, and on Thursday the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners posted the numbers online of all applicants who passed the Bar. Chris also received the official letter via mail that afternoon, which verifed his results. He still has to attend the official swearing in ceremony before the MN Supreme Court in three weeks, but after that he can officially practice law. I am extremely excited for him; hopefully, we'll have more good news soon on the job front.