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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works,And my soul knows it very well. - Psalms 139:14

I'm starting this post on July 28. Fiona is one week old today, perfect and amazing. People have tried to describe to me the love new parents instantly feel for their newborns, but it truly is an experience that has to be lived. She is truly "fearfully and wonderfully made."

We named our baby girl Fiona Virginia Leckrone. "Fiona" is a name both Chris and I like, and "Virginia" is the name of my maternal grandmother (also my middle name) who was named after Virginia, MN, the town where her Swedish mother first settled in the U.S.

Here's Fiona's birth story:

I had my 39 week appointment on Friday, July 20, and the doctor told me that I hadn't progressed any since the previous week. We tentatively talked about the process for induction (wait until 41 weeks), and I left the clinic planning to carry Fiona for at least a few more days. I told my co-workers I would almost certainly be working the following week. Chris and I made dinner Friday night and settled in front of the TV. I won't post gory details, but by 11:00, my lower back was aching and I was slowly becoming suspicious that my water may have broken. I called the doctor on call at my clinic who told me to take a bath/shower and drink a lot of water but that it didn't sound like I was in labor. Chris went to bed, and I took a shower where my first "real" contraction hit. The contractions were about 6 minutes apart, so I shook Chris awake who jokingly asked if we could wait a few hours. At 1:00 am, we drove the five minutes to Fairview Southdale where a triage nurse confirmed my water had broken and admitted me. The biggest surprise to me about labor was the painfulness of contractions. They took my breath away and gave me dry heaves and shakes. Because I wasn't dilated very far, I was given an IV bag of fentanyl, instead of the epidural. The fentanyl made me instantly woozy and tired. Chris turned on the TV for white noise, and we both fell asleep (me in between contractions) to the sound of a D-Day program on the military channel.
About an hour later, I had progressed enough to receive an epidural. I didn't feel a thing. The nurse told me that's how you know you're in labor because the epidural is nothing compared to contractions. Even though Chris has a stomach of steel, the nurses made him sit down to watch the procedure because a few months prior, another man passed out while watching his wife's epidural, smashed his head against the heat register, was rushed to the E.R. and missed his baby's birth. The epidural was incredible - after just a few minutes, the pain from the contractions disappeared (along with most other sensation in my legs). I progressed quickly to begin pushing, but every time I started, the baby's heart-rate dropped alarmingly (140s to 80s) so I had to stop. After a bag of pitocin and the second round of trying to push, the baby's heart-rate was still dropping, and the doctor talked to Chris and me about the possibility of a C-section. We decided to wait and let me "labor-down" some more and then try to push again while lying on my side.
It worked, and I was able to give birth naturally to Fiona at 12:15 pm after quite a bit of pushing. The doctor threw her on my stomach after she emerged while the nurses rubbed her little crying self then transferred her to the heat lamp. She opened her eyes for the first time to see Chris. Fiona weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and measured 19.5 inches. She had a touch of jaundice but the doctors didn't seem concerned. The likely explanation is that some of my O pos blood mixed with her A pos blood, creating a reaction.
I'm feeling well, overall. I was extremely stiff and sore for several days and appreciate even more that Chris was able to take a week-and-a-half off work. The nurses at Southdale took great care of me. We are home now with our sweet baby, who is overall very good, usually only fussing when she's hungry or needs a diaper change.

Newly born

With Chelsea, my labor and delivery nurse

Jamie, Tara and the girls visit

My parents with granddaughter #4

 Audra and her girls

Mark & Shannon

Our family

 Ready to go home 

Meeting Greta

Allison and Rob were our first visitors on Saturday evening, but I was too zoned out to remember to get pictures. However, here are a few from Tuesday when Allison brought the kids by to visit and dropped off Greta.

Lilly and her first girl cousin

The cousins meet

Auntie Allison


Blogger Bonny said...

What special moments. :) xoxo

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Pooja said...

I had tears in my eyes Erin - reminded me of Ananya's birth! Its uncanny how similar the situation was!! Lots of love to the little angel! Ananya is super excited and wants to meet her little sister (every newborn is her sibling)...

1:43 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

She is so sweet Erin! Congrats and lots of love to you as you settle into your new normal (new wonderful normal). :)

10:07 AM  
Blogger Country Risk Analysis said...

Erin! So happy for you. I'm loving the details and glad you had a great labor/delivery (aren't epidurals awesome?!?). If you're feeling exhausted, it gets better in increments and at 3 and 6 months you'll be amazed at how much more rested you feel! Enjoy how little she is--and she is gorgeous too!

8:34 PM  

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