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Friday, July 06, 2012

Recent Happenings

Chris and I have had a busy few weeks. We both traveled quite a bit in May, trying to fit in final work trips before I neared by due date. We also spent much of May and June overseeing our kitchen renovation, which dragged on a little longer than expected. The finishing touches (new windows and touch-up painting) will be complete on Monday, and then I'll post before and after pictures.

I had a chance to visit my friend Audra at her home in Princeton, and Katrina, who's in town from Germany, came over for dinner, but I unfortunately didn't get pictures. Otherwise, here are a few pictures over the last weeks:

Gloria's wedding and catch-up with high school friends´╗┐

Celebratory dinner at W.A. Frost for my mom's retirement from public health nursing

 Fourth of July pool party/shrimp boil with Allison and Rob and Rob's family


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