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Monday, August 13, 2012


Since Fiona arrived almost a week early, Chris and I were able to fly with her to Indiana for Chris' cousin's wedding. Many airlines have a policy that infants under two weeks can't fly without a doctor's note, but Fiona was almost three weeks on her first flight. We had to carry her birth certificate with us, but that wasn't a problem since our little baby is official now - Chris picked up her birth certificate downtown Minneapolis last week, and her social security card arrived via the mail.
It was a quick trip. We flew out late Thursday after a brief flight delay, and Chris' parents and sister picked us up at Chicago Midway and drove us to their home in Lafayette, Indiana. We didn't arrive until almost 2 am. Allison, Rob, Lilly and the boys drove from Minneapolis and stopped the night at Wisconsin Dells. Fiona traveled beautifully, sleeping through most of the flight and car ride (although she did make us pay for the easy trip with a rough night).
Fiona met her Grandma and Grandpa Leckrone, Aunt Katie, Great-Grandma Bobbi and Great-Grandpa Leckrone, as well as many other relatives on Chris' side of the family. We also attended the rehearsal dinner and wedding for Chris' cousin Zach. I need to get a few pictures from other people's cameras to post here, especially of Fiona with her Great-Grandma Bobbi, but otherwise, here are some pictures of the trip. 

First flight

Grandma Rhonda

Grandpa Mike

Aunt Katie

Great-Grandpa Don

 Bath Time!

At Zach & Meredith's wedding 

We missed our flight in Chicago on the way home Sunday due to a back-up at ticketing since the baggage conveyer belt was broken. With one diaper left, I was nervous, but we were able to fly home standby on a flight later in the day.


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Nice work! Sounds tiring. You look great, by the way.

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