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Friday, September 07, 2012

Fiona Update & Pictures

Fiona is 7 weeks old tomorrow. Chris and I love our little baby, although she's not so little anymore. Her newborn outfits are too snug now, and I switched her out of the newborn size diapers a couple weeks ago.

She has her good and bad nights for sleeping, but overall, we are hitting a rhythm. She loves to be held upright and walked but will also sleep on Chris' chest in the evening. I've found that if I transfer her to the swing right after she eats, she will take a long nap to the sounds of classical music. Chris and I are amused by all of the little sounds she makes: an array of squeaks, grunts and growls. Greta is attracted by her noises, and I have to shoo her away often before she licks Fiona's face. I've tried several pacifiers, and Fiona refuses all of them except one, which she will take on a rare occasion. She is indiscriminate about being held when she's not hungry and will fall asleep in anyone's arms.

Fiona has retained her full head of dark hair, and her eyes are dark blue. I suspect her eyes may change to green or hazel as she gets older to match Chris'. Everyone comments how much she looks like her daddy, and I agree.

My friend, Audra, gifted me with a professional newborn photography session, and the pictures turned out beautifully. She spent a lot of time working with Fiona, who would not fall asleep, and Chris and I are very blessed to have such a talented friend. Here are some pictures of our sweet baby at about 5 weeks:

Chris' sister, Allison, made the name collage in the third picture (it's on display in the nursery), and my mother-in-law, Rhonda, made the flowered pillow Fiona is sleeping on in one of the last pictures. I need to post updated pictures of the nursery now that is is mostly put together.


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