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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fiona - 3 Months

Fiona turned three months old yesterday! Chris and I weighed her this morning, and she was 13 pounds exactly, about 50th percentile. Over the last month, she has amped up her smiling and cooing and started laughing a little. She grabs onto shirts, necklaces and hair and will grip and bring to her mouth any blanket we drape on her. She gnaws on her fists and fingers and would undoubtedly feel victorious if she could work her entire fist into her mouth. However, no pacifers for this girl - she immediately spits them out. Fiona loves batting at toys while lying on her back on her play mat/jungle gym. She really gets going grasping and hitting the toys with her hands and kicking with her feet. She pushes her head and shoulders off the ground when on her tummy and can bear some weight on her legs. Two days ago I discovered her lying on her side in her crib, so maybe rolling over isn't too far off in the future. One of her happiest places in the house in on her changing table in the nursery. She smiles at Chris and me there and is captivated by the trees and sky out the windows. Fiona continues to have cradle cap and has lost quite a bit of her beautiful, dark hair. To soften her scalp, Chris and I put olive oil on her head and then cover it with a hat for an hour before baths. We jokingly say we are "marinating" her. She likes baths but isn't too hot on getting dried off. Her eyes are still blue, but I am still suspicious they may change to hazel before her first birthday. Chris and I both have large birthmarks, but Fiona only has a small, reddish mark at the base of her head. She also didn't get my side's webbed second and third toes (I only have it halfway), but she may have Chris' sweaty, flat feet. Poor girl, Chris say.

Sleeping is getting better. Fiona still likes to stay up late, but she will predictably fall asleep by 10-10:30pm and will generally stay asleep until 6:30am when I wake her up to eat. She is happiest, i.e., least fussy, in the evening if we strip her down to her diaper and hold her/play with her on our bed. We have been watching TV in our room at night vs. in the basement because she gets really fussy when we're downstairs for some reason. Chris and I joke that we're scared to go into the basement with her at night. We moved her next door into the nursery a couple weeks ago at night and bought a white noise sound machine, which is probably helping her stay asleep. She still sleeps in her rock n' play tilted bassinet at night, but before my maternity ended, we were making good progress at having her sleep in her crib for naps during the day. I hope to transition her to her crib at night soon. When Fiona has a crying bout, Greta will often sigh and leave the room. As she slinks away, Chris sometimes calls after her longingly, "I know, Greta, I know." It's easier for me to calm Fiona in the evenings, but as I tell Chris, it's because I went to Fiona University full time for three months.

The biggest change for us is that I started work again last week. Fiona's first day of daycare was last Thursday, and it was a rough day for me. She is enrolled at the Edina New Horizons while waitlisted at a Montessori school. The providers at New Horizons seem very caring, and other parents have given us great reviews for the center. I don't have qualms about the daycare center - it is just rough being away from Fiona. She had trouble taking a bottle her first day (despite taking a bottle without too much trouble in the weeks leading up to daycare), but once we switched her from Avent to Tommie Tippee bottles, she's been doing better. I have been driving the five minutes to the center over lunch to feed her (I'm working from home these first days back), but I probably won't continue doing that much longer. A positive note for the transition is that Chris and I joined a small group at our church at what has turned out to be an opportune time. The group is composed of young parents, and many of the women work now or at least worked when they had their first child. They have been great encouragement to me.

Here are a couple recent pictures:
Ready for her first day of daycare


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