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Monday, October 15, 2012

Up North and the Old House

Chris took a half day Friday, and we drove to Duluth for the weekend. Our friends Mark and Shannon also made the trip from the Cities. We stayed at Beacon Pointe Resort in a room with a balconey overlooking Lake Superior. Chris and I had hoped to hike Gooseberry Falls, but the typical rainy, overcast Duluth weather prevented us from the expedition. If we didn't have Fiona, we might have still hiked, but we didn't want to risk slipping on rocks with Fiona strapped into her carrier. The weekend ended up being lazy: we walked around downtown, had a couple decent meals and hung out at the hotel, enjoying the view. Fiona dipped her toes into a swimming pool for the first time - it didn't seem to leave much of an impression.

On our way to Duluth, we passed the Lake Drive exit to our old townhome in Circle Pines, and we spontaneously decided to drive past the property. We pulled along the house and noticed posted signs on the front door and garage. Evidently, the house went into foreclosure and painters were inside readying the house for re-sale. Chris knocked on the door, and we were able to look around the vacant house. I felt very nostalgic for when we moved into the house as newlyweds, remembering where we would watch TV together, how Greta used to hole up under the stairs and where Varsana and Malia would play when they'd visit us from Jamie's nearby home in Lino Lakes. The paint colors Chris and I had put on the walls were still evident (the painters had not finished), and the house was in great shape. I snapped a few pictures on my phone.

View from the kitchen sliding door to the patio - the shrubbery is huge now!


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