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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Family Trip to Boston

As a belated transition back to work, I scheduled a trip to Massachusetts to catch up with my co-workers. Chris took a couple days off work, and we flew Fiona out with us to introduce her to Boston. In anticipation of long lines due to Hurricane Sandy, Chris and I arrived at the airport well in advance of our flight Wednesday afternoon, but we zoomed right through check-in and security. Fiona was perfect on the flight, although she had a major meltdown at the hotel in Marlborough later. On our way from the airport to our hotel near my work, we swung by Harvard Square where Chris grabbed a couple slices at his favorite pizza joint, Pinocchios. Thursday and Friday, I worked at the office, while Chris took care of Fiona and met up with friends Joe and then Logan those days. My wonderful co-worker, Barb, threw a Thai take-out party at her house Thursday night, and everyone took turns holding Fiona.

Our seasoned, little traveler´╗┐
Fiona and Steph, Barb's daughter´╗┐

Friday evening, we had dinner in Walpole with friends, Brandon and Adrienne (we spent our last New Year's on the East Coast at their cabin in New Hampshire).  Brandon and Chris worked together at American Tower for a short period. The last time we saw them in Massachusetts neither of us couples had kids, but since then, Adrienne gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Abigail, who is 10 months now, and we, of course, now have Fiona.

Saturday, Chris and I stopped at our favorite sushi restarurant in Watertown and then drove around Boston, through our old neighborhood in Belmont (stopping for coffee at our local Starbucks), along the Charles River and into Back Bay. We booked a hotel near the North End and tried to go out for seafood Saturday evening, but the lines were too long and Fiona was too fussy. We made up for it Sunday before our flight out by grabbing oysters in Harvard Square.

I've been to Massachusetts several times since we moved back to Minnesota, but it felt different having Chris with me this time - like a nostalgic normal. It felt as though we should get in our car and walk through the door of our house in Belmont where all our furniture would be arranged as though we never moved. Then again, Boston felt a little different, not quite as much "our" city anymore.


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