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Friday, December 21, 2012

Fiona - 5 Months

Fiona is 5 months today. I love her rolly polly-ness and layers of chub. She has the sweetest, pink cheeks, and Chris and I are all mush when she smiles at us. Her big milestone since last month is learning to roll over, which she does frequently in her crib whenever I set her down (but not at night). She controls her neck better but can't sit up by herself yet. She's out of her 3 months clothes, and even some 6 month clothes are getting tight. The flatness on the back of her head wasn't severe enough to warrant a helmet so we are just trying to get her more tummy time.

Rolling on her stomach´╗┐
I like to call this picture, "Why I never get anything done"
Watching the fire with Daddy
First time in jeans!
Here a video Chris took of Fiona "chatting"


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