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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fiona - 6 Months

Fiona turned 6 months old on Monday, January 21. She had her 6 month check-up on Wednesday and weighed 17.5 pounds and measured 26.5 inches. She's at the 75th percentile for height/weight and 50th for head circumference. Big milestones over the past month include sitting up by herself for short periods of time, gaining better dexterity with her fingers and trying several new foods. We introduced rice cereal to her a month ago, and since then she's tried bananas, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, watermelon and rice cereal. She likes watermelon, but otherwise prefers vegetables, although she doesn't seem thrilled to eat many foods. The pediatrician suggested moving past pureers because Fiona may not like the smooth conistency. Lastly, Fiona really likes to play in her Christmas gifts from her grandparents: an exersaucer and Jenny Jump-Up.
It's amazing to me how easy evenings have become in comparison to the first couple months. I thought the day would never come when she would fall asleep at a decent hour, but Fiona consistently falls asleep by 7:15pm and will sleep a solid 12 hours with 1-2 easy wake-ups per night. However, I hear she will likely regress when she gets teeth.
Yesterday, when I entered the infant room at daycare to pick Fiona up, I looked around for her and almost didn't recognize her because she's getting so big. Her cradle cap persists, but at least she's growing some hair to cover it. The new hair isn't quite as dark as what was on her head at birth, but it's definitely brown. Her eyes have also stayed blue.
Fiona's greatest source of amusement is Greta. Chris and I will chase Greta around the house or play fetch with a rag bone, and Fiona squeals and laughs. Greta has a fickle affection for Fiona - she loves to sneak licks while Chris and I are distracted, but if Fiona reaches out a hand towards Greta, Greta will immediately take off.

A few pictures:


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