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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday morning, Fiona and I visited with a few of my high school friends, and Fiona got to play with a other kids, including Isla who is 10 months old. In the afternoon, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and all of us (Chris, Fiona, Greta and I) went for a 5 mile run around Lake Harriet. This morning, we went to early service at church. The church we've been attending for over a year just moved out of a temporary facility in an elementary school to a newly renovated church building, and this was only the third service in the new building. Then we went out to lunch with my parents at Salut in Edina. I didn't get a picture of Fiona in her beautiful Easter dress because she had an unfortunate incident while jumping in her Jenny Jump-Up. Luckily, we had a really cute back-up thanks to her Aunt Bonny. (In the first picture, Fiona is wearing an outfit from her Aunt Allison, too. What a lucky little girl!)

Fiona and Isla
 After the run - needless to say, Greta got a bath.

Easter family time´╗┐

Here are a couple pictures from last weekend when Chris' parents, Bobbi and Chris' Uncle Steve were in Minnesota. We celebrated Bobbi's birthday at our house with cake.


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Fun! I love Fiona pictures.

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