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Monday, March 25, 2013

Fiona - 8 Months

In the last two months since I posted about Fiona, she seems to have matured a lot. We've packed away her swing, rock-n-play (titled lounger) and Bumbo. She sits upright by herself and is making strides towards crawling by pushing up on her arms and legs to rock back and forth. She still isn't hot on solid foods, but is eating more of them, especially if Chris and I break off little pieces of our own meals and feed them to her (tiny pieces of bread, fruit, well-cooked pasta, etc.). Fiona had her first ear infection last week, likely catching it from her friends at daycare where colds are circulating. I'm giving her two doses of amoxicillin daily, and the smell of that thick, pink medicine takes me back to my own childhood. She still loves, loves, loves Greta. If Fiona is fussy, I can call Greta over to her and almost every time, Fiona will stop mid-cry and start laughing. When I bring Fiona out of her room in the morning, Greta is usually sprawled on the landing on the stairs, and before Fiona can see Greta, I say to her, "Where's Greta? Do you see Greta?" Fiona will start kicking her legs, craning her neck and making excited sounds. We've set up a pack-n-play in our living room, and Fiona loves to sit in it surrounded by her toys, at least long enough for us to make dinner.

Here are a few recent pictures:

Fiona and the Bullfighter
Pushing up´╗┐
Happy with her toys


Blogger Bonny said...

She is so adorable. I love those chubby cheeks.

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