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Monday, May 06, 2013

California 2013

Knowing that Chris and I will have a busy late spring/summer, I planned a quick trip to California to see Sean, Bonny and Cora. Chris, unfortunately, couldn't get the time off work, so I did my first solo flight with Fiona. She was a wonderful traveler, even if it was slightly exhausting to keep a 9 month old entertained and her hands off the books, laptops, watches, etc. of the people sitting next to me. She's such a ham, always trying to make eye contact with people to garner smiles. This was the first trip I used a front carrier for airport walking, and it worked out well.

We had a fun, low-key visit with lots of walking along the ocean and playtime for Cora and Fiona. I really enjoyed seeing the girls together. Fiona thought Cora was hilarious when she would run around the house, and Cora was really sweet with Fiona. Cora's language skills have significantly increased since I saw her last September, and I loved hearing her little voice talk about being a big sister (Bonny is due in 7 weeks) or just whatever was on her mind (e.g., the fact that she was walking or eating or her opinions on what movie she should get to watch).

Fiona had her own seat on the second flight

Carmel beach

Hugs (a.k.a. choke hold)

Bath time!

Smiles after eating half an avacado

Beautiful beach and flowering shoreline in Pacific Grove

First time in the Pacific (oops, wet pants)

Fun times at home and pulling up on the coffee table


Blogger Bonny said...

We loved having you! That last picture is so adorable. I love sleeping babies. So peaceful.

11:10 AM  

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