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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wisconsin Wedding Weekend

A good friend of Chris' got married over the weekend in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Chris, Fiona and I drove out for the rehearsal dinner fish fry on Friday and wedding Saturday afternoon. The wedding and reception were beautiful, held at a lake club on Lake Oconomowoc. Chris and I were also charmed by the nearby, picturesque town of Delafield where we ate lunch Saturday before the wedding. Chris and I remarked that it seemed like America idealized with extremely friendly folk and cute shops and cafes. I wish I had taken more pictures at the wedding itself, but after she slept through the ceremony, Fiona was so squirmy that it took all of our energy to keep her entertained and not yanking everything off the table at the reception. On Friday night while we sat at a table with a couple with three kids, they wryly asked us if we remembered sitting at the "rowdy" table and then pointed a thumb at the table next to us. The noise got to be a bit much for Fiona at times at the reception, so I would take her to the lounge in the ladies' restroom, where she would hoot at herself in the mirror and be entertained by the three adorable flower girls who played with her all night. We were hoping she would fall asleep at the reception, and we would carefully recline her in her stroller where she would sleep peacefully. Well, we finally took off from the reception at 10:30pm when Fiona was still wide awake, although she did pass out the second we started driving.


Blogger Bonny said...

I love the one of her sleeping on Chris. Pictures of sleeping babies are so sweet.

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