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Friday, June 28, 2013

Fiona - 11 + Months

Fiona update at 11 months, 1 week: 
  • Fiona is crawling everywhere and is fast. When she's on her way to a forbidden area (bathroom, towards Greta's water bowl, stairs, etc.), I will call her name, and she will look back over her shoulder, squeal and then go as fast as possible in the opposite direction. She loves to yank at power cords and pull cook books and brown grocery bags off a kitchen shelf. She will crawl towards Greta with a glint in her eye, and when Greta gets up and starts toward her, Fiona will squeak and hurry towards Chris or me. She could play this game of tease with Greta all day. Sometimes in the morning, we put her on the floor in our bedroom, and she will inevitably crawl into the closet, pull one of Chris' belts down and gnaw at the buckle. Chris says she's a little fish because she'll put anything shiny in her mouth. She loves, loves, loves Chris' silver cross necklace and plays a game where she puts the cross in her mouth and then tried to put it in Chris' mouth. 
  • Fiona pulls up on everything now, cruises around tables and chairs and will stand by herself for quite a while. She's not walking yet, but I think it will be soon. 
  • She's starting to associate words and objects. She knows Chris is "dada," and I'm "mama" and will call after us. She knows Greta's name and says it sometimes ("deta").
  • Fiona is such a good-natured, happy baby. People remark to us all the time how smiley she is, and it's true. She rarely cries if she's not hungry or tired, although she can really whine when she wants attention.
  • She claps her hands, waves and points. She points with her fist, with her wrist pointed downward, while she tucks her face into her shoulder. We joke that it's her gang sign.
  • She eats a lot of solid foods now. We try to give her what we eat for dinner, or at least a taste of it. Her favorite foods are cottage cheese, eggs, ham, graham crackers and the squeeze bags of fruit. 
Standing by herself
 Cheesy grin


Blogger The Charlebois said...

Happy birthday to your beauty! She is so cute! I want to spend more time with you guys!

11:05 PM  

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