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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Amsterdam 2013

Since I needed to visit a hospital in Rotterdam last week, Chris and I booked a car to drive from Paris to Amsterdam where I booked a hotel through my work near the central train station. Chris and I previously vsisited Amsterdam three years ago as documented here, but it's different story with a baby. I took a train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam Wednesday and Thursday for work while Chris and Fiona did some siteseeing in Amsterdam. At least that was the plan. We arrived without difficulty Tuesday afternoon (after parking outside the city due to horrendous parking costs and taking the tram to our hotel) and stopped at a grocery store where we accidentally purchased buttermilk for Fiona instead of whole mile; luckily, the hotel bar set us straight. I set off on Wednesday morning for Rotterdam for work via a high speed train with a Starbucks coffee firmly in-hand. Meanwhile, Chris had a time of it with Fiona who refused to nap at all until he rented a bicycle and toured her around the city. She finally passed out in her bike seat after trying some herring. During the trip, Chris and I made sure to track down a stack of stroopwaffels to eat for dessert each night in our hotel room. Thursday evening, Chris and I hired a reputable babysitter through our hotel (who happened to be a redhead) so we could go out to dinner together. Luckily, Fiona passed out immediatly after we left, and Chris and I had a great time out to dinner together without taking turns picking up the toys Fiona would have undoubtedly throw on the ground and without trying to distract her from grabbing at the water glasses or shiny steak knives glistening on the table. We had the absolute worst time returning the car on Friday evening to Gare du Nord station in Paris, due to horrific traffic in the city and no directions at all where to drop off the car. All's well that ends well, as the saying goes, but it was a horribly tense experience.

Long wait to enter the parking ramp outside Amsterdam so Fiona practiced her driving.

Chris and Fiona try cycling and herring together in Amsterdam.

This is what it looks like to try to have a nice dinner with!

 Please can I stay up until 10:00pm? I'll only whine for two hours.

Out and about just Chris and Erin - it's been a long time.

Walking around Amsterdam in the evening.

On the drive back from Amsterdam, we stopped for an hour-and-a-half in Brugge, Belgium to stetch our legs and grab a bite to eat. The town was packed but very beautiful with its old city center. The waffle we purchased off the street didn't live up to its predecessor in Brussels during our trip three years ago, but the handful of chocolates did.


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You guys are leading a fun-filled lifestyle! I loved the pictures. Congratulations on 9 years!

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