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Friday, August 30, 2013

Fiona - 13 Months

Fiona is over thirteen months now, and it has been such a blessing to spend extra time with her and Chris in Paris this summer. She seems to have developed a lot since we arrived 7 weeks ago. The major accomplishment is that she started walking. She took five steps in a row the day after her 1st birthday and then waited another couple weeks to really ramp it up. We need to work on her walking in shoes more often, but it's her preferred method to get from A to B. She doesn't say much yet, but she recognizes many objects by name and will point them out (car, bird, dog, book, wall, shoes, etc.). We hear lots of "da!" as she points excitedly at a dog or bird. She crawls onto the day bed and low bed at our apartment by herself and knows how to back herself off (sometimes). She loves to play hide-and-seek and wrinkle her nose at us and sniff repeatedly (like a bunny). A couple weeks ago, she bit my leg and I wagged my finger at her and said, "No biting, Fiona." For whatever reason, the phrase stuck with her. Chris and I ask her, "Do we bite, Fiona?" Then she smirks up at us, shakes her head and wags her finger. I call her our little hall monitor because she will wag her finger "no, no" at us other random times. (Also, I'm not entirely sure she gets the concept because she will "fake" bite me sometimes and then wag her finger at me). She takes two 1 hour naps per day and goes down easily for those and at night. Every couple nights, she will wake up at 3 or 4am and cry until I get her. Then she wants to be awake and play for a half hour. I suppose I need to get tough on her so she learns to cope throughout the night. She has fully transitioned to cow's milk out of a sippy cup and eats three meals and a couple snacks each day. Her favorite foods are yogurt, bananas, rice and beans, eggs, bread and avocado. We give her a bath each night here, and she loves it so much that she cries when we pull her out. We say, "Bye, bye, water," and she waves at the drain. Here's a video of her wagging her finger at us.


Anonymous Pooja said...

So so cute - love how you describe her Erin!Its been 7 weeks already? 3 more to go - can't wait to see you. Hopefully at UEGW!

10:50 AM  

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