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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Chris and I are HOME. We arrived Friday evening, dragged our bags indoors, bathed Fiona, put her to bed and then ate Thai takeout in front of our TV in the basement. The trip was an amazing blessing, but Chris and I are so happy to be sleeping in our bed and enjoying all of the comforts only America can provide. Saturday, we made trips to Costco and Super Target, and Chris made enchiladas for dinner (we didn't have a traditional oven at our apartment in Paris so meals were limited). Greta is also home with us now - I really missed her towards the end. Now that she's walking, Fiona stalks Greta throughout the house, pats her, hugs her and ecstatically feeds her food from her high chair. Except for the food part, Greta is a bit wary of all the baby enthusiasm. Our computer broke our last week in Paris during an already very busy time for us. So I am five blog posts behind which I'll probably make up here and there as I get time.


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